Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Scriptures Project Update Newsletter

In an effort to help increase transparency, the scripture group has decided to start publishing a newsletter to try and keep everyone informed of what we've done, what we are doing, and what we have yet to do with the Restoration Edition scriptures project. The newsletter will be updated periodically, ideally weekly, and can be found in one of the tabs on scriptures.info. I've also included a link below.


We've meant to get this first issue finished and published for a few weeks, but our time has been so strapped with actually working on the project, working at jobs, raising families, etc., that it hasn't been high enough on the overwhelming mountain of priorities until now. We're sorry if that's been hard for anyone, but the absolute taxing on our time and abilities has made it incredibly difficult for us to stay on top of anything. We're human, we're weak, we're sorry.

We hope to have major updates as well to the Q&A and the Submissions List on scriptures.info by the end of the week. Hopefully this newsletter and the Q&A updates will do a lot to answer things which have been riling up concerns, fears, and imaginations.

If you have further questions and concerns, please submit them to restorationscriptures2017@gmail.com. We do try to make sure we answer every email we are sent, but it may take a little time. And if any of our responses are insufficient to help you, please work with us poor humans in resolving the matter. Written text is a limiting medium, we are trying to help people as much as possible, but limitations in communication can make it hard for us to know if we've sufficiently helped clarify and resolve things for people.