Monday, March 27, 2017

Scripture, Prophecy and Covenant

In the last week or so, since the announcement of the scriptures project, there has been a wide spectrum of reactions. Many are grateful, many are searching into them and going to the Lord. Many are receiving revelations from the Lord, concerning the veracity of this project as part of His work.

But there are some things which are not well understood, which are bringing up a lot of questions. (As well as false accusations, false assumptions, false stories, and false and misrepresented doctrines, functioning to sow doubt and lead some away in pride and foolishness. They may go in peace.)

For those who would like to honestly understand the need for this project, how it fits into the picture of a covenant, and the need for a covenant to be accepted by a group of people in our day, Denver has written up a paper to try and address these things and help lay a foundation for understanding to be built upon.  If you are interested, download it HERE.

Hopefully reading this paper will help increase your understanding of what is underway. But above all, take it to the Lord. Read what we've shared, ponder what we've done and are doing, then ask with a sincere heart and real intent, meaning you honestly want to know what He thinks and will act in accordance with His will as He reveals it to you, no matter how uncomfortable or different from your expectations it might look. There is a glorious, strange act underway.